Calculating Future Lost Income in a Disability Discrimination Case

07 Aug Calculating Future Lost Income in a Disability Discrimination Case

Like most legal questions, when it comes to how to calculate future lost income in a disability discrimination case, it depends. For instance, if you’re an older person and you get terminated because of a disability, there is an argument to make that you will probably never get another job. If your case were to proceed to trial, you would probably need an expert to opine on what your work-life expectancy would be. In other words, based on the kind of work life or career that you are in, the expert can determine how long would you be expected to continue to work until physically, or even mentally, you may no longer be able to work.

For younger disabled employees who may have a disability that is either temporary, or where the employee can perform the essential functions of the job with or without an accommodation, it is a little more difficult to determine what the future lost income would be. It would depend on many factors, which are looked at on a case-by-case basis. It could be anything from your education level and experience, to the state of the economy.

There is no bright line rule or equation that is used to determine future lost income. Each case is different, and it may not ever be possible to fully determine exactly how much income is lost. But an experienced labor and employment attorney will take the right steps to come as close to possible in determining the amount of damages result from disability discrimination.

If you believe that you have been harmed because of disability discrimination by your employer, it is important to speak with a labor and employment attorney right away. A labor and employment attorney can help you evaluate what award you are entitled to for your damages resulting from disability discrimination. A San Francisco and Bay Area labor and employment attorney at the Khadder Law Firm is experienced in evaluating all forms of disability discrimination claims and damages. Contact the Khadder Law Firm today for a free consultation.