What if I can’t afford a lawyer to pursue my unpaid overtime claim?

20 Mar What if I can’t afford a lawyer to pursue my unpaid overtime claim?

The thing about wage and hour claims is sometimes it just doesn’t make economic sense for a lawyer to take on a case, but there is still hope because there are one of two ways you can still vindicate your rights if your claim is not that big.

  • The first, is that you can go directly to the California Labor Commission to file a wage claim with them. It’s an expedited process, in other words, it’s usually faster than going to court. It doesn’t cost you anything, and you don’t need a lawyer.
  • The other option where a lawyer would be more likely to be involved is if you are presenting a potential class action. When there is a class action claim for overtime of minimum wage or other wage and hour issues, then lawyers have much bigger economic incentive to get involved, and so that would be a way to go vindicate your wage and hour rights.
  • Another possible avenue is if you have a case against your employer for discrimination, harassment or retaliation, and along with that the employer happens to not be paying you overtime. In that case, the lawyer would probably be more likely to get involved because the harassment, retaliation or discrimination claim would provide an incentive for the lawyer to take on the case. Then, while they’re at it, they’ll just add on the wage and hour violation claims as well.

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