Leave of Absence

21 Feb Possible Mediation Outcomes

One of the possibilities in mediation settlement is for the employer to agree to reinstate the employee to the position that they held before they were demoted, or to increase the employee’s pay back to their original pay before their pay was reduced. Mediation can also provide the employee with money for any economic harm or emotional distress that they suffered because of discrimination. For example, if you were paid less, you could, in a mediation, get the employer to agree to reimburse you for the difference of what you were originally paid with what they were paying you when they reduced your salary. However, if you sue your employer, chances are there is going to be some, if not a lot, of friction. Often, in a mediation, an employer will demand, as part of a settlement that involves a payment of substantial money, that the employee resign from their employment and agree never to seek re-employment with that employer in the future. That is not always easy to accept, but if the employer is willing to pay enough money to settle the case, then it may be worth it to resign from your job and agree never to reapply for any job with that same employer. That’s a tough decision to make. Some people would rather have steady income than take a big lump sum of money and have to find a new job. Each case is different, and you have to weigh the risks and benefits of each decision. It is important to consider all of these things if you decide to take legal action against your employer while still employed. For people who have been terminated, the decision is much easier. If they have been wrongfully terminated, there is not going to be the issue of awkwardness or friction at the workplace, because they are no longer there. That makes the decision of taking legal action easier. But, just because you are still employed, by no means should you automatically give up your legal rights to stay with the employer. If you have been discriminated on the basis of your disability by your employer, contact an employment lawyer today at the Khadder Law Firm for a free initial consultation....

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12 Feb Calculating Work-Life Expectancy Damages

Economists can prove to be indispensable in the calculation of future lost income damages for someone in a disability case, and we will bring them in if necessary. Part of the valuation of future lost damages is a plaintiff’s work-life expectancy. Unfortunately, if a person has a medical condition reduces his or her work-life expectancy, future lost income may be affected by that. This unfortunate part of the calculation cruelly ironic since it is because of that medical condition that they lost their job in the first place. Ultimately, these are decisions that will be made by a jury and would have to hold up in court, but the court will take into consideration a number of factors including the ability to secure another job, when determining damages. If you have been wrongfully terminated because of a disability or a need for a disability accommodation, contact an employment lawyer today at the Khadder Law Firm for a free initial consultation....

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26 Jan What kind of accommodations might someone with a mental disability need?

One of the most common types of accommodations, especially for someone suffering from a mental disability, is a leave of absence. Sometimes all a person can do is take some time off to recover from an acute attack of whatever mental disability they are suffering from. The types of accommodations you might see for physical disabilities are not necessarily the same types of accommodations you would see for mental disabilities. The most common type of accommodation is a leave of absence, so that the person can get treatment and proper care, they can see their doctor, change or adjust medication or start taking medication. A lot of mental conditions, while they can be chronic, are not necessarily always acute in terms of their impact. If you’re missing a limb, for instance, that limits a major life activity, and that’s always going to be the case, so the types of accommodations you might receive for that could be utilization of technology to help you perform your job. Whereas, for a mental disability the effects can come and go, so there are different types of accommodations that can be formulated for that. If you have experienced discrimination by your employer because of a disability, or your employer fails to provide you with a reasonable accommodation for your disability, contact an employment lawyer today at the Khadder Law Firm for a free initial consultation.  ...

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