Learning Disabilities

29 Jan Accommodations for Learning Disabilities

Another disability that I’ve seen in my practice is different forms of learning disabilities. One example might be dyslexia, which can affect the speed at which somebody can perform certain tasks, such as reading or writing. If that limits a major life activity, it could qualify as a disability that an employer may have to accommodate and is prohibited from discriminating against. For instance, with certain learning disabilities, your employer could be required to provide an accommodation such as giving you more time to perform certain job duties. There is a limit to what can be a reasonable accommodation. Your employer doesn’t have to provide an accommodation that creates an undue hardship on the employer. But, the accommodation requirements are quite broad, so the employer would have to show a real hardship that they would face if they had to accommodate you. In my practice, almost all the time, especially with larger employers, reasonable accommodations do not in fact present an undue hardship to the employer, even if the employer claims that it does. A court will take a look at it and will want to see evidence of the hardship a reasonable accommodation could cause for the employer. In my experience, more often than not, the court denies the employer’s claim of undue hardship. If you have experienced discrimination by your employer because of a learning disability, or your employer fails to provide you with a reasonable accommodation for your learning disability, contact an employment lawyer today at the Khadder Law Firm for a free initial consultation.  ...

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