What kind of accommodations might someone with a mental disability need?

26 Jan What kind of accommodations might someone with a mental disability need?

One of the most common types of accommodations, especially for someone suffering from a mental disability, is a leave of absence. Sometimes all a person can do is take some time off to recover from an acute attack of whatever mental disability they are suffering from.

The types of accommodations you might see for physical disabilities are not necessarily the same types of accommodations you would see for mental disabilities. The most common type of accommodation is a leave of absence, so that the person can get treatment and proper care, they can see their doctor, change or adjust medication or start taking medication.

A lot of mental conditions, while they can be chronic, are not necessarily always acute in terms of their impact. If you’re missing a limb, for instance, that limits a major life activity, and that’s always going to be the case, so the types of accommodations you might receive for that could be utilization of technology to help you perform your job. Whereas, for a mental disability the effects can come and go, so there are different types of accommodations that can be formulated for that.

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