New Coronavirus Safety Guidelines

30 Mar New Coronavirus Safety Guidelines

There are new Coronavirus safety guidelines. Both the state of California and the federal government have certain workplace safety regulations. These regulations set minimum safety requirements that employers must meet. Employers that fail to take adequate steps to protect their employers can face legal consequences.

New Coronavirus safety guidelines highlights responsibility to protect employees

These safety regulations are still in effect in the midst of the global Coronavirus outbreak. This means that your employer still has an obligation to take particular steps to keep you safe. While there are no workplace safety regulations that were intended specifically for a global pandemic, there are some regulations which apply to the current situation.

For example, hospitals, clinics, and other medical providers are required to take steps to protect workers from aerosol transmissible diseases. California has also issued new guidance to childcare providers regarding protecting their employers from the spread of the Coronavirus.

While medical providers are subject to particularly strict guidelines regarding protecting workers from communicable diseases, all employers have a general duty to provide a safe workplace. Accordingly, the state of California has also published general guidance for employers not covered by more specific regulations.

Safety regulations apply to Coronavirus outbreak

The bottom line is that all employees have a right to a safe workplace. This does not change in moments of crisis. In fact, it’s more important than ever that employers abide by regulations that will protect their employees. Even a shortage of equipment, such as those experienced by some healthcare providers, does not necessarily excuse employers from fulfilling their obligation to provide a safe workplace.

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