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What is a whistleblower?

The term “whistleblower” has been in the news quite a bit lately. While it is often used in the government context, whistleblowers can also be found in the private sector. Usually a whistleblower in the private sector is an employee who uncovers unlawful activity by the employer or business. Such unlawful activity can include, but is not limited to, fraud on the government (e.g. violation of the False Claims Act), health and safety violations, and wage and hour violations.


Whistleblower retaliation

If you are a whistleblower or prospective whistleblower, it has probably occurred to you that there are risks associated with doing the right thing. One such risk is retaliation by an employer. Fortunately, there are certain laws in place that protect whistleblowers in the workplace.


Employees who report or complain of unlawful conduct by an employer, or refuse to participate in the employer’s unlawful activity may be protected from employer retaliation by the California Labor Code. In addition, the False Claims Act makes employers liable for retaliating against employees who investigate or report violations of the False Claims Act.


Don’t let your employer get away with retaliating against you for doing the right thing

Doing the right thing should not get you in trouble with your employer. But if it does, you may have certain rights and protections.


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